A downloadable game

1. Start mouse at light purple.
2. Move between these 6 colors.
3. Reach yellow to win! :)
(The puzzle does not tell you when you win; it's just an image.)

Inspired by Qrostar's puzzles

This puzzle is a part of The 2021 Confounding Calendar!

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If you want to get really technical with it, TECHNICALLY a solution is to just go on the window of one of the orange houses. The rules only say to "reach yellow to win" and the windows are tthat same color of yellow, so putting your cursor on those TECHNICALLY counts.

you can't go on those windows because you aren't allowed to move from dark orange to yellow

this is actually really easy lol

the solution implys that you can easily cheese it

so cute!and a nice solution

Fun solution :) and I love the picture!

Perfectly honest: I spent a good few hours on-and-off having some cracks at this. Really liked the solution!

nice puzzle!


The text for "light purple" looked the same to me as the second color in the palette, so I was confused for a second when I seemingly solved it without any trouble. Now that I solved it for real, though, it's quite nice!


snow big deal!