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Two treasure hunting groups compete to dredge up treasure from the polar oceans. Lay out chains from vaults to treasures, then haul them in. But beware - both groups have the ability to shift the ice floes, changing the geometry of the play area and covering and uncovering treasures and chains!

The game plays a bit like Go. Place chains anywhere on the board to claim advantageous grid spaces and cut off your opponent. But you can also shift the ice floes to make good connections or cover up your opponent’s chains!

By Max Clark and Patrick Traynor
Thanks to John Watson for playtesting and design ideas
Original version made in 11 hours for OC Tilted Game Jam #31 on 2023-06-03
Shown at Ambitious Indie Game Night on 2023-06-13


Floe Flow v2 2023-06-16.pdf 14 MB
Floe Flow jam version v1 2023-06-03.pdf 6 MB


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we have surpassed go. we deserve 200.