This puzzle is a part of Confounding Calendar 2022.

Made using the lightweight JavaScript game engine LittleJS by Frank Force.

Thanks to kurath and Will for playtesting.

Press E to toggle the level editor, which has the ability to export and import levels, and another object type. :)

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this it the same guy that made Patrick's para-box. 

no wonder it's so good and well made. That was the first and most satisfying game I ever downloaded.

I do think the ability for wands to create wands should be removed to allow wands to be used in more complex puzzles without cheese.



a wand makes any puzzle trivial if you can get something in front of it

as long as the only thing connected to it is not both facing it, and the only thing connected to it.

in other words a wand with a thing in front of it that is facing it , and has nothing orthogonaly connected to it is useless    


where can i find custom puzzles for this

well, if you scroll down you will find some community made puzzles, ALSO you can make your own level and post it here!

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how do i make the level code

Nvm here is a pretty easy level 

the stack is... /\ bamboo, in > box, in > box, in > box, in \/ box, in \/ box.

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I figured out how the level code works.

n| is used at the end of each object. the first two numbers are coordinators (0,0 is centre). after that it alternates object type, direction. numbers indicate number of interactions with a wand/rotater would need to be applied to an upward facing bamboo.

Deleted 8 days ago

the nested boxes above would be coded as ?,?,1,2,1,2,1,1,1,1,1,1,0,0,n|

that'd be WORK, thanks for the reply but i won't try to figure out the code


to prove how powerful the magic wand is:

this is solvable


It wasn't too hard to solve, more tedious but still fun

My personal opinion is that the wand is a bit too strong for its own good being able to turn items into other wands, I had to redesign or completely scrap some of my puzzles because of that one fact

so is this {"version":2,"data":"36,7,0,3,n|15,-3,3,0,n|15,-2,2,0,n|"}



I srsly love this,   from what I saw I think there's  no possible way to softlock yourself which is rly satisfying 2 me.

while messing around in sandbox mode, I used magic wand to turn the bottom of a stack of boxes into bamboo, then used another segment of bamboo to suck it in. when I tried spitting back out, stack is gone. that was such a jumpscare

even with that interaction, any level that wouldn't be solvable afterwards would not be solvable in general. you would have  to have  a magic wand to turn the bamboo into a box, as well as a bamboo to suck it in. there is nothing you could add to that setup to make it unsolvable.

I think a simpler way of saying that is that being able to keep a box with stuff in it is pointless when I can just have a bamboo with bamboo in it to spit out, plus the ability to transform that spat-out bamboo into whatever is needed by transforming the spitter bamboo with wand, using the transformed wand to fulfill the need, reversing that transformation so it goes back into being bamboo ... ok nvm not simpler

the ability to create a bamboo chain next to a wand allows you to create a wand chain by turning the bamboo into wands.  using wand chain to transform wands into a bamboo followed by a rotater allows for a branching bamboo--> wand chain. with this you can take the wand everywhere. ALL levels that start with a useful wand can be won with this technique. Any level using a wand that does not focus on preventing this technique has Cheese. of the three below, this includes the first one.

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Here are three puzzles i made:




Hope you enjoy them :)

solved all! was fun, especially the last one

glad you enjoyed them

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2nd one hehe

the first one can be cheesed using magic wand strats. the left two boxes are not used and do not make this harder.

Nice game, took some time until I realize the above part. The difficulty it was to solve the middle took so much time, but it was really fun.

My note to this game: 6/10

The is pretty fun, but it doesn't have too much to do after it solved. I would recommend adding a link where people could share their work, but I guess this is too much to ask since this is a simple game to put all the bamboo inside the boxes.

nice game i enjoyed it!

{"version":2,"data":"-1,0,0,0,n|-1,-1,2,0,n|0,0,0,1,n|1,0,0,1,n|-2,-1,1,1,n|-1,-2,2,0,n|-1,-3,3,0,n|2,-2,0,1,n|3,-2,0,1,n|"} simple puzzle

guys load : {"version":2,"data":"0,0,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,0,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,1,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,1,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,1,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,0,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,3,2,2,2,3,2,0,2,0,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,1,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,0,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,3,2,2,2,3,2,0,2,3,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,0,2,3,2,2,2,3,2,0,2,0,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,0,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,1,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,0,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,3,2,2,2,3,2,0,2,0,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,0,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,1,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,0,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,1,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,0,2,3,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,2,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,1,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,1,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,1,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,0,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,3,2,2,2,3,2,0,2,0,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,0,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,1,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,0,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,1,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,0,2,3,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,2,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,1,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,0,2,3,2,2,2,3,2,0,2,0,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,3,2,2,2,3,2,0,2,3,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,2,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,1,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,0,2,3,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,2,2,3,2,2,2,1,2,1,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,1,2,1,2,0,2,3,2,0,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,1,2,0,2,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,2,2,1,0,1,n|"}
its a hilbert curve!



This was a really clever little puzzle. Nice work!

Each of the 4 corners have their own unique method for manipulating the bamboo. Figuring those out was a really cathartic experience, especially the topmost one. Excellent puzzle!

very good game :)

Love how simple the rules and mechanics are, while still deriving such interesting uses for the three block types. Having to make more bamboo to get less makes for a really good "aha" moment that makes the seemingly impossible possible. Really well designed, short and sweet game that makes the most of its parts!

Well done!

Crazy game, well done!


this was very fun and clever!

One of the best puzzlers I've tried! Congratulations! Now you need to continue development and make  new levels!

i want more levels

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Understanding the Rules & Walkthrough for Boxing Up Bamboo Puzzle


i am really stumped. i am feeling soooo clever ;)

When are the walkthroughs coming along?




This system and this game are incredible
Well done

nice! took a while to get the last one.


That's really lovely.  Several mini-puzzles, a constant sense of forward progress, a cute little theme with pleasant "shquip" noise, just wonderful all around.


AMAZING puzzle! You should be very proud of yourself! Well created and well done!

Highly recommend listening to Professor Layton puzzle music while solving this one

Did it! Very clever, love the concept. It's like meddling around in a factory.

Very cute and challenging puzzle :)

the four in the middle, i have no idea how to box them up

Once you're down to the four in the middle, lay out all the bamboo at your disposal so that it heads towards the center. Hopefully you'll see the one area when you can start to make some headway.