Your goal is to sum up to the white number at the top, as many times as you can. And if you sum up to the red number, or fall off the bottom of the screen, you lose.

Left/Right/A/D to move

X to toggle between plus and minus

Z/Up/Space/W to use your double jump. You regain your double jump when you bounce off a number.

Down/S to accelerate downwards

R to restart

H to toggle hard mode (there are two red numbers instead of one)

Made for the Chain Letter Jam. The previous games in this chain are:

  4. this game!

The immediate next games in this chain are:

In Word Bounce 3D, I like how the letters alternate between being obstacles and goals, and you have to plan your movement in a more interesting way than just avoiding everything. I wanted to play more with that dynamic. I  like how this small game turned out! :) I also used this as an opportunity to try out Godot.


If nominated, you have two weeks to make a 1 minute game in some way inspired by the game that nominated you.

Once finished, put #ChainLetterJam in your game description, a link to the game that nominated you, and then nominate two other devs (or less or more, whatever, this isn't a chain letter where you die in three days if you don't).

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TagsArcade, Math


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How are you supposed add up to negative numbers?

Press X to toggle between plus and minus

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Fun! Very easy to understand and once you get into the flow it's hectic (in a good way) switching back and forth while trying to work out the math on the fly. Nice work! 15 on hard.. it really feels like you should be able to just keep going forever, but actually i die so much....

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I got 38! 

Your too good...