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for random people looking at the comments, I did a playthrough lol

Neat little game, cool mechanics that are nicely explored. I liked the Self-Supporting Double Rail Boxes! Interesting how the tutorial messages are mixed with random contemplations here and there. I did clip through some moving boxes while trying to move upward, but it didn't stop me from getting to the end.


This game is amazing!!! One problem though is the part with the big head. Unfortunately my character would just keep falling directly through the big head. I tried and tried and the only way to make it slightly more consistent is to spam jump. I have a feeling this issue has something to do with lag, since my framerate at that section was not that good.

Thank you! Sorry about that bug.


Holy crap, this game is outstanding. The puzzles remind me of Stephen's Sausage Roll and English Country Tune. The graphics are a little glitchy, but honestly, I barely care about that. This is a shining example of the kind of puzzle game that starts with simple rules and interactions and then mines the hell out of them for interesting and unintuitive interactions. I hope you polish this up some more!

Thank you! :) The mechanics ended up having many more interesting consequences than I expected!

I'm really looking forward to Parabox, btw - it's one of the games I've been excited for for a while. :3

Thanks! :)

The Linux download is wrong - it's just the binary.

One of our devs was able to play the linux build, I think. If you don't mind, could you share what exactly is wrong? Is there an error message?

The file provided is only the .x86_64 binary file, without the associated .pck file. The error when running is something like “Couldn’t load project data at path “.”. Is the .pck file missing?”

Usually linux downloads provide a zip with the .x86_64 and .pck files together, game engines typically spit out both I think.