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Nice game!

nice an tricky game :-)


This is  a pretty cool game. But why is the tutorial at the end of a level, not at the beginning? When a player finished a level, they already understand the game mechanic.

Also the clear gems reflecting the beam seems to take different paths depending on where it can go to. This makes it a bit unintuitive imho. It would be better if this mechanic was a bit simpler, i.e. the beam always bends at 45degrees for a clear gem, always straight forward for a red gem.

1: it's not a "tutorial" it's a review. Not everyone will understand the mechanic and instead they just fumbled through the level, so it's there so that everyone is on the same page after a level. If the review were at the start of a level, it would spoil the discovery part of the puzzle. That's the best part! It's like spoiling the climax of a movie!

2: You seem to fundamentally misunderstand how the mirror gem works. Were you actually reading the "tutorials" you were complaining about? That's besides the point. The fact that the mirror block doesn't work "intuitively" is the exact point. This is a puzzle game, not a shooter. You're supposed to be solving the puzzles using information, not intuition. And besides, if it worked exactly how you expected, you wouldn't have that thrill of discovery that puzzle games are designed for.

TL;DR: bad opinion

bug on firefox: gem dust left a black block

I can't reproduce this. Can you post a screenshot?

Sorry, it may be an issue caused by librewolf privacy settings,  I downloaded a new firefox and everything is ok.

great game!

Small bug: On the level where you complete your quest, if you press escape to leave the level instead of completing it, it doesn't revert the change.

Same for undo.

I suspect that both of these are intentional features.

Frog Wizard Gem Quest Walkthrough





Very nice game mechanics, and an interesting concept, but the experience itself lacks a bit of polish to make it feel smooth and good to play

very good game :)



I quite enjoyed this. There were a few levels where I was sure I wasn't going to figure them out, but they all eventually clicked, and there were a lot of "Aha! That explains it!" moments.

The gradual reveal of the different ways the gems work, with the summary notes at the end of the level in case you happen to misunderstand what just happened/solve it by chance, was a nice touch.

I actually discovered the dust mechanic on the third level by accident. But since I didn't recognize the pattern to it at the time, I thought I might have just found a bug. Then when it came back later, it all suddenly made sense.

Very nice addition to the puzzle game genre.

im stuck on the small room level
and like, two others

That's a lot of ideas!

fun entry

I liked it a lot! I've been stuck for a long time on some puzzles but solving them felt very good afterwards, and finally I managed to solve all the puzzles. I just saw that there is a button for hints, maybe it should be good explaining the controls inside the game. Also, the plot twist was very funny :)


Pretty dank. Bring back frog plz

Needs a walkthrough for us not so smart people.


So close! Stuck on the last bonus level… any hint beyond the hint?

WHOA I did not see that possibility! Until stumbling across it accidentally. But I got it. Fantastic game! 

sometimes the dust crystal mechanics dont work :(

I never had a problem with the dust mechanics - although I did have a brief problem with my understanding of the dust mechanics. Where did you see a problem?

For dust to reconstitute into an object, it appears the gem beam must terminate on the same space where the dust is. The ray can either terminate  because it's blocked and cannot go further (by a wall) which will terminate the beam on the space before the wall or by hitting a destroyable object which will terminate the beam *on* the space of the object.

I can't figure out the middle level of the horizontal row of three in the top right. I'm sure there's something I'm missing with the dust mechanics, but I can't seem to get it to work?

I might have just answered your question about the dust mechanics in another post where someone commented they didn't seem to always work, and I posted my understanding of them. If you're still stuck, check out my response to Cue_Ball and see if that's what you were missing.

A hint, in case (assuming I've got the right level): first move is to push either the left gem left, or the right gem right.

...I could have sworn I tried that before. Makes so much more sense now!!


Þis is really good!


the Þ guy

Love it! The progression feels really good and the mechanic is fun and novel.